Sunday, 3 April 2011


I'd like to draw your attention to the post below this one and the malicious content of some of the comments i received from Liz Blair. Not just on my last post but over several if you care to read back
I don't know why Liz has singled me out for her foul mouth abusive rants as I've had no contact with her for over two years and can only conclude she has some under-laying grudge against me.I've emailed her this morning asking her why but as yet I've had no response from her.
This left me no choice but to email her DT co-ordinators to make them aware of her vicious and uncalled for posts.One of them kindly got back to me to say Liz has told her that her blog must of been the target of a High-jacker.So tell me this,who knows of a high-jacker privy to personal information? who leaves more than one comment per post or who takes the time to go through a blog and leave comments on various posts?Do you know of such people because I've never come across it before.
Any time I've read a blog post about a high-jacking it's been someone leaving random spam on everyone's followers not one specific person .If indeed someone did high-jack Lizans blog would it not be the case that they would use her followers list to leave their spam messages.Since I'm not a follower of her blog and never have been how did they make the connection between us?
So Liz thank you very much for letting the blogging world know what i and many others already do.That your a fowl mouthed,evil minded malicious woman.You have of your own free will shown yourself to be a two faced individual who after a few drinks on a Saturday night lets her mouth run away with her.Then again I've been on the receiving end before so its not new to me but I'll bet your blogging buddies will now see another side to you .Heaven forbid they ever receive such treatment

I do apologise for any offence these comments have caused any one else and the language that has been used ..
I am leaving this now until any proof to the contrary can be shown to me.


Bev said...

I think the comments posted by this woman are totally disgusting. It does sound like a drunken rant but this is no excuse for such nastiness.

Hijacked account.....what a load of rubbish.I hope everyone sees this woman for what she really is.

Personally I think she should be removed from her DT blogs.

Hugs to you Georgie x

Anne said...

A totally disgusting rant with no rhyme or reason to it what ever.
I totally agree with you naming and shaming this woman Georgie.
Anne x

downrightcrafty said...

Hi Georgie
I agree this looks disgusting and as a 46 year old I agree I would not want anything to do with this myself however I am also a member of OVA and would draw your attention to this link on my blog

Sometimes due to the ease of hackers and nasty people who have the intent, it is not necessarily those who are to blame

We are currently investigating and can only apologise and remove the comments as we find them


Georgie said...

Hi Kate
Thanks for you comment and i agree with you about hackers but i am afraid to say this person openly admitted doing this on facebook last night.Hackers would NOT know personal information about Me

Polly Pierce said...

Hi Georgie!

I agree with everybody else about this situation, however I think the very best thing you could possibly do is to keep your chin up and rise above it.

Anne Gro said...

????? I am shocked!!!!! What`s wrong with this women... Keep your head high Georgie!!
Hugs x

Anne Gro said...

This is sooo bad!!! What`s wrong with this woman... Keep your head high!!!! Hugsx

Hege said...

I'm shocked, Georgie! Those comments from Liz make me sick to my stomach! You make the most beautiful cards- in fact so gorgeous that I'd like to become your follower!

Take care!!!

Love, Hege

Georgie said...

Thank you to my new followers
And thank you all for you support in this Awful matter